Cutting Edge in Nephrology


March 11, 2021

13:30-19:00 (UTC+1)

N.B Local timings differ for Iceland and Finland


Astellas Pharma is pleased to invite you to the 3rd ”Cutting Edge in Nephrology” VIRTUAL meeting which will be held on 11 March 2021.

“Cutting Edge in Nephrology” is a meeting concept initiated and funded by Astellas to support nephrology education and research in the Nordics. The scientifc programme has been developed independently by a Nordic Faculty comprising; Peter Stenvinkel (Karolinska Institute, Sweden), My Svensson (Akershus University Hospital, Norway), Sunna Snaedal (Landspitali University  hospital, Iceland), Lisbet Brandi (Nordsjællands Hospital, Denmark), Per-Henrik Groop (Helsinki University Hospital, Finland) and Peter Rossing (Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen, Denmark).

The programme brings state of-the-art understanding on key issues in nephrology from leading international experts and connects research-orientated nephrologists and key speakers in an interactive virtual discussion forum.


This year’s topics will include: 

  • A dive into the pathogenesis of diabetic nephrology
  • Food as medicine in chronic kidney disease
  • Emerging therapies for vascular calcification
  • Personalized medicine in nephrology


Professor Lisbet Brandi, University of Copenhagen, DK
Professor Per-Henrik Groop, Helsinki University Hospital, FI
Professor Peter Rossing, Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen, DK
Dr Sunna Snaedal, Landspitali University Hospital, ICE
Professor Peter Stenvinkel, Karolinska Institutet Stockholm, SE
Professor My Svensson, Akershus University Hospital, NO

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Programme – Cutting Edge in Nephrology – Thursday 11 March 2021

NOTE: All times are UTC+1. Local timings differ for Iceland and Finland.

13:30–13:40 Welcome and Chairman´s introduction /Peter Stenvinkel, SE

Session 1: A dive into the pathogenesis of diabetic nephropathy
Chair: Per-Henrik Groop

13:40–14:10 Epigenetics; the link between hyperglycaemia and kidney disease /Sam El-Osta, AU

14:10–14:40 mTOR–a friend, foe or fellow traveler? /Assaad Eid, LB

14:40–14:45 BREAK

Session 2: Food as medicine in chronic kidney disease
Chair: Peter Rossing

14:45–15:15 Targeting the Foodome /Peter Stenvinkel, SE

15:15–15:45 Fatty acids in kidney disease /My Svensson, NO

15:45–15:55 BREAK

Session 3: Emerging therapies for vascular calcification
Chair: Sunna Snaedal

15:55–16:25 Targeting Vitamin K /Vincent Brandenburg, DE

16:25–16:55 Using magnesium /Lisbet Brandi, DK

16:55–17:05 BREAK

Session 4: Personalized medicine in nephrology

Chair: My Svensson

17:05–17:35 An integrative systems biology approach in CKD /Matthias Kretzler, US

17:35–18:05 From single cell sequencing to precision medicine /Jaakko Patrakka, SE

18:05–18:10 BREAK

18:10–18:30 Cutting Edge on COVID-19 and the Kidney /Per-Henrik Groop, FI


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